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Classes Available at Hills Latin Dancing:
Beginners 1 – Salsa/Bachata
Beginners 2 – Salsa/Bachata (next level up from Beginners 1)
Intermediates – Salsa/Bachata (Mondays)

Intermediates – Salsa/Bachata (Wednesdays)

Intermediates – Salsa/Bachata (Thursdays)

East Coast Swing/West Coast Swing – For All Levels
Seated Exercise Class (for wheelchair-bound and elderly) (Private Lesson only)


We offer a range of Beginners 1, Beginners 2 and Intermediate Salsa and Bachata classes.

We run Beginners 1 for 6-Weeks and Beginners 2 for 6-Weeks. This is to ensure everyone is at the same stage.

You can come along for the first class for $20 to have a taste, then decide whether to stay on for the whole 6 Weeks or not.

If you sign up for the whole 12 Weeks, you receive a FREE Hills Latin Dancing T-Shirt of your choice.

East Coast Swing/West Coast Swing:

We offer East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing classes for all levels of dance experience for 6 Week Terms with our instructor Leonard.

Below is our timetable and the dates of our Beginners 1 Intakes:

Salsa and Bachata Beginners 1 Class:

Wednesdays – 7-8pm

Salsa and Bachata Beginners 2 Class: (next level up from Beginners 1)

Mondays – 7-8pm

Salsa/Bachata Intermediate Class:
Mondays – 8-9pm
(with social dancing until 9:15pm)

Salsa/Bachata Intermediate Class:
Wednesdays – 8-9pm
(with social dancing until 9:15pm)

Salsa/Bachata Intermediate Class:
Thursdays – 7-8pm

East Coast Swing Class – All Levels:
Thursdays – 8-9pm (From 28th September)
(with social dancing until 9:15pm)

Beginners 1 Intake Dates:

Wednesday 17th January 2024
Wednesday 28th February 2024

Wednesday 10th April 2024

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Beginners 2 Intake Dates:
Monday 15th January 2024

Monday 26th February 2024

Monday 8th April 2024

Monday 20th May 2024

Monday 1st July 2024


Rouse Hill Community Centre
39-41 Clower Ave, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


$25 per person – Casual Class Rate

$120 per person for 6 Weeks (That is only $20 per week)

$240 per person for 12 Weeks (& a FREE T-Shirt)

Payment Plans Available!

Seated Exercise Class:

Available as a Private Lesson for $95/hour.
Perfect for the wheelchair-bound and elderly. This class improves flexibility, mobility, strength and circulation.